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glamfic's Journal

The myth of myth-making
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This is a community to post fanfiction about glamrock.

Basically anything even vaguely to do with it can be posted, but it is especially a refuge for subjects, pairings and genres not welcome anywhere else. The aim is provide a safe haven for niche fic, but discussion of fic, questions about background issues, requests for beta-reading, and everything to do with the business of fic writing is also welcome.

Membership will be moderated, to make sure that people feel safe posting here. Flaming and trolling will not be tolerated. Nearly every kind of fic and subject matter will be allowed, but everything will have to be labeled and signalled carefully, to avoid unpleasant surprises.

Some of the genres we especially welcome: humour, crackfic, slash, unusual pairings.

For a general idea of what we define as glamrock, see my other community, glam_lolz.