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Moonage Daydream

title:Moonage Daydream

author: Elastic_Spam

Rating: R( for a scene of oral sex)

Pairing: Lou Reed/David Bowie (during the Transformer era)

Plot: a  role play romp with a toy ray gun leads to some very sensual demands from the captive
Disclaimer: I don't own Lou or David, but I wouldn't mine having my way with blonde Lou Reed. I also apologize for the unexciting blow job scene, it was a little baby step for me into possibly writing more sexual stuff.


“Uh, how are we gonna do this again, David?”


The Brit’s broke into a mischievous smile. “Just take off your pants and coat, Lou.”


“All right, all right, I just want to know what I’m getting into, Jesus.” With a bit of jiggling, the right pant leg finally slid off his foot.


David placed a hand on his shoulder. “Aw, you should be excited about this. You’ve wanted to try it with me since I produced Transformer.”


“Yeah, but this reminds me of stuff John and I used to do sometimes.”


 “Well, that’s all over now.”


 Lou then looked up at David. “This isn’t some bondage shit, is it?”


He laughed. “No, but I have to say, that’s odd  for you to say that.”



“You wrote Venus in Furs after all.”


Lou finally managed a small smirk. “Trust me, the leather whip was hot and uncomfortable. I swear, I got heat rash.” He then laid on the bed. “So we gonna start or what?”


“Yeah, but you have to get on the floor first.”


“In what position.”


“On your knees.”


Lou sat up. “Oh, David, I’m not in the mood for_”


“Just do it, you don’t have to use your mouth, I promise.”


He nodded and rose from the bed,  getting down to his knees.


“Now what?”


“Just pretend your begging.”


“ Begging for what?”

David pulled out a toy ray gun from his pocket and fiddled with the trigger. “Mercy.”


“Oh please, please_Uh, what should I call you?.”




“Please, Ziggy, don’t shoot me, I’ll do anything.”


The ray gun’s tip brushed against Lou’s cheek.


“Anything?” “Ziggy” asked, oozing with the suave charm of  a con man.


“Y-Yes, I haven’t eaten anything since I don’t know when. I’ll do anything, for food, for safety!”


“Well, since you asked so nicely.”  The alien lowered the gun in front of the prisoner’s face. “Suck the gun.”




“Suck the tip of the gun, just do it.”


Lou decided to grab the tip with his teeth, enabling him to yank it away from “Ziggy’s”  hands.


“Hey, that’s not fair!” David chuckled, breaking character.


“Hah! Now I have the upper hand!” Lou aimed the gun at David’s temple. “Surrender or be vanquished!”


“Not if you can’t catch me!” The British man dashed out of the room and trampled down the stairs with Lou following behind.


Suddenly, the kitchen phone rang, causing David to slide into the room to answer it.


“Hello? Oh Hi Angie. I’m fine, just lounging around. What’s that? When’s Zowie coming? Tuesday? Okay, that’s fine. Send him my love, bye.”


Lou poked his head in. “Everything okay?”


“Oh yeah, Angie just called to check on me and such. Zowie’s coming Tuesday, you can come to meet him if you like.”


“Ah, I’m too damn nervous around kids.” He looked at the ray gun and grinned. “Now where were we?”


“You were trying to catch me and forcing me to surrender.”


“Oh right, so surrender or I’ll vaporize you.”


Lou then pinned David to the floor, their lips kissing passionately.


“Only if you do one thing_”


“Oh no, it’s my turn to demand something from you. I have the gun after all.”


“All right, go ahead.”


“Well, now that I have you captured, there’s one thing you have to do for your freedom.”


“What’s that?”

“Service me.”


David raised an eyebrow. “Sexually?

Lou unbuttoned his fly and slipped his pants down. “Hah! Of course, what’d you think.”

“Well, okay.”

Lou had his underwear down to his ankles now. David, for his part, knelt down and stared at the condom-covered penis. One thing was for certain, it certainly was large despite circumcision. Despite rumors, he hadn’t actually had oral sex with men before. Sure, he had gone down on Angie a few times, but that was relatively easy: vaginas were rather flat services, but penises? They were, well, roundish and he just wasn’t sure  if he could handle it.

            “So, let me get this straight: you want me to suck on it for a bit?”


“Put it in your mouth at least.”

“Should I suck on it?”


“David, relax, I’m wearing protection.”


“I know, but I don’t feel confident.”


“Just close your eyes and pretend it’s Mick’s guitar”

That was a good idea, he had to admit. Might as well try it. He thought.


David exhaled deeply and licked the latex before forming his lips around the whole thing. Then, like a baby to a bottle, he began to suckle lightly.


“Oh David, this is nice. A bit ticklish, but nice.” Lou cooed. With each oral caress, he become joyful and even lightheaded until he came. It wasn’t a fountain like in the porno movies they’d seen, but it was satisfying enough for an ending.


“So, what should we do now?” Lou asked after they had gotten cleaned up.


“How about a smoke?”


“Sounds good.”


“In my bathtub.”


“Even better.”


“With the giant windows open to enjoy the cool summer air.”


“David, you’re a fucking genius.”


“I know, I know.”




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