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Moonage Daydream 
03:32am 21/06/2009
  title:Moonage Daydream

author: Elastic_Spam

Rating: R( for a scene of oral sex)

Pairing: Lou Reed/David Bowie (during the Transformer era)

Plot: a  role play romp with a toy ray gun leads to some very sensual demands from the captive
Disclaimer: I don't own Lou or David, but I wouldn't mine having my way with blonde Lou Reed. I also apologize for the unexciting blow job scene, it was a little baby step for me into possibly writing more sexual stuff.


Story under hereCollapse )





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yet another berlin era fic 
12:00am 20/10/2007

        title: the massage
         author: Elastic_spam

         rating: Pg-13 (for mention of an erection
         characters: Bowie/ Iggy
           Summary: A massage turns into a  mutual declaration of true love.
a/n: yes, I'm aware this didn't happen


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I hope someone actually reads this. 
05:40pm 15/04/2007
  Um, thanks for making this community. I've been looking for somewhere to post this. I hope you guys can get this running, because glam_lolz was cracking me up, and if this turns out half as good, I will be very happy.

Title: Berlin [Part One]
Author: rawkenr0ll
Pairing: Bowie/Iggy
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: None of this is true, and none of it ever happened except for the bits that probably did.
Summary: Jim Osterberg and David Jones shared an apartment in Berlin in 1977. While there, they were very badly behaved and very, very sexy.

He’d glitter sinuously around the apartment, no shirt and smudged eyeliner, singing obscenities over the lyrics. His hips would roll like they did when he fucked.Collapse )

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Crack, baby, crack 
02:52pm 02/04/2007
mood: accomplished
Is it working?


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